Elhof Thunderheart

Hill Dwarf, Tempest Cleric 2, Duelist Fighter 2


Current equipment
Elhof continues to wield his warhammer, and carries two handaxes at his waist. From his military background, Elhof also has a fine suit of chain mail armor and a decent shield.

The Cleric who sought him out for training also granted him a holy symbol; an iron medallion with swirling storms of the land and sea that Elhof wears around his neck at all times.

Ability Scores

  • STR = 14 (+2); Save = 4
  • DEX = 10 (+0); Save = 0
  • CON = 16 (+3); Save = 5
  • INT = 10 (+0); Save = 0
  • WIS = 16 (+3); Save = 5
  • CHA = 8 (-1); Save = 1

Max HP: 41

  • Hit Die: 2d10 (6+6), 2d8 (8+5)
  • CON +3/lvl = 12
  • Hill Dwarf +1/lvl = 4

Total AC with Shield = 19
Total AC w/out Shield = 17

  • Chain mail: +5
  • Cloak of Protection: +2
  • Shield: +2


  • Warhammer: ATK = 4; DMG = 1d8+2
  • Throwing Axe: ATK = 4; DMG = 1d6+2
  • Unarmed: ATK = 2; DMG = 2


  • Athletics
  • Insight
  • Religion
  • Intimidation

Other Specialties
Second Wind
Channel Divinity
Action Surge


After serving in his clan’s militia for six years, Elhof had achieved mediocre status as a fighter. Then during one campaign, his clan’s army was on the verge of being wiped out by a superior orc army. Faced with annihilation, Elhof prayed in earnest to the gods to protect him and his family. His clan not being particularly devout, he was initially viewed as weak and foolish by his fellow soldiers. However, on that clear night, an unprecedented and unexpected thunderstorm arose triggering a savage landslide underneath the orc vanguard, washing them into the river, allowing the survival of his clan. At first Elhof was skeptical that his prayers had caused this, but after several other similar incidences (though none as dramatic) he began to realize his power.

A chance meeting (or was it?) with a Storm Priest named simply “Windwalker” convinced Elhof that he had a gift; through prayer and devotion he believed he could wield greater power than with his hammer alone. Windwalker gave Elhof a simple token; a necklace with two parts, representing storms of the land and sea. The token came with a price; Elhof is supposed to seek out a long-lost artifact of the Storm Clerics — a mighty warhammer imbued with tremendous magic. This warhammer was rumored to belong to an ancient Temple cleric, also a dwarf, named Funduri “The Funnel”, who was famed for his ability to control the winds, and could even create a full-blown tornado on command. The hammer was stolen by elves many centuries ago, and is sought out by Windwalker who believes the instrument will allow him to unite the now fragmented Storm clerics and restore the Divinity.

Although he is early in his Religious training, Elhof is showing great promise as a vehicle of the power of the storm gods. His military background and continued interest in mastering the techniques of battle will enable him to achieve greater understanding as a fighter. As a result he plans to continue in both classes: Cleric and Fighter.

Elhof constantly struggles between the chaos of the storm and the lawfulness of his Dwarven upbringing. With his military background, Elhof has little respect or use for those who are unproven warriors themselves. He is also skeptical of arcane magic, believing it to be mere fireworks for show. As such, he has trouble getting along with “learned” wizards “spookers” as he calls them.

Elhof Thunderheart

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