Session #11: I swear, I'm telling the truth!

Oh look, it is proportional!!!

After a last minute rescue, the party is blindfolded and taken to an unknown location in Vallaki. They are left in the company of a Dragonborn who was also taken against his will. Their new companion was also singled out by Baron Vargas Vallakovich after making public his disdain the Burgomaster and the mantra he inflicts in the village residents, “all will be well”.

The group is taken to the dining room to meet their mysterious benefactor, Lady Fiona Wachter. She expresses her hate for the Burgomaster, Vargas Vallakovich, and his son Victor, who left her daughter waiting in the altar. During the course of the dinner, she explains her plans to remove Vargas from power and , to the shock of the group, made no excuses about her love for Strahd Von Zarovich. After detailing her plans, she casts a spell and asks the party if they are going to help her in these endeavors in exchange for an antidote to the poison she laced the food with.

With the exception of Elhof and their new Dragonborn companion, the party is able to skirt their way around the answer and leave the mansion in two groups, one to kill Izek and the other to kidnap Victor with the intention to betray Lady Fiona and rescue their companions. Meanwhile, Elhof and the Dragonborn are left in the basement, naked and without any weapons, to serve as part of an intricate ritual to summon a terrible creature to the aid of Lady Fiona.

All three groups are suddenly rescued by the Keepers of the Feather and taken to the Blue Water Inn, where they meet Rictavio once again. Rictavio and Urwin reveal their role in the resistance against Strahd and the meaning of Madam Eva’s reading.

What will the group do? Help fix the civil war they helped fuel in Vallaki? Rescue Ireena? Leave everything behind and go to the Amber temple? One thing is for sure, Elhof and the Kepeshmolik shaman will require some clothing…



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