Session#9: Don't drink and cast

Frat parties have nothing on this party

Our courageous team finally makes it into Vallaki, looking for the Burgomaster’s help in protecting Ireena and fulfilling the deal they made with her adoptive brother Ismark. As they searched for directions in this village, they noticed that everyone in this town repeats somewhat nervously, “All will be well!”.

The Burgomaster, Baron Vargas Vallakovich, is a petulant leader convinced that he can keep the town safe and the source of the words repeated by the village. After talking with Little Wing and Ismark, he agrees to take Ireena into his protection. The Baron quickly dismisses the party and they are left with his wife, Lydia Petrovna who gives them a quick tour of the state.

During this tour, Little Wing senses something wrong and through her divine connection to Sune, notices traces of evil coming from the third story of the house.

The group decides to go to the Blue Water Inn to talk about how to investigate the source of this evil aura in the Burgomaster’s house. Urwin Martikov and his wife Danika Martikov, offer them lodging and food while giving them general information about the village.

In the inn, the party is harassed by a couple of trouble makers (Szoldar and Yevgeni) who challenge them to an arm wrestling match that Parriwimple wins with no trouble. This little demonstration, earns the group the attention of one of the guests at the inn, a bard and circus owner called Rictavio who invites Elhof, Granik, Little Wing and Janus to eat and drink at his expense. He asks the group to meet him later at night at his wagon in the Arasek Stockyard near the entrance of the town.

These drinks however, proved to be too strong for the team and they felt compelled to walk towards the Burgomaster’s mansion and dare Janus to turn invisible and create a ruckus that would give the party an opportunity to investigate the third floor.

In the middle of the confusion created when a drunk and invisible Janus pulled the tablecloth from the daily tea-and-sandwiches party organized by the baroness, Elhof was able to help the rest of the group talk their way past the guards and more importantly, Izek Strazni while they headed carefully towards the third floor where they found the bodies of two servants around the traces of an incomplete teleportation circle made by the Burgomaster’s son, Victor.

Victor, who seems to despise his father and wants nothing more than to escape the dreadful lands of Barovia, is surprised by the party and calls for help, forcing the team to break through the window and run away from the authorities.



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